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e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework) Tool provides City Authorities with an effective framework for assessing the performance of a City in terms of energy optimization, CO2 emissions reduction and energy cost minimization. Using appropriate indicators, the progress of a city in that direction can be revealed by analysing and evaluating its ex-ante and ex-post status across three axes: ‘Political Field of Action’, ‘Energy and Environmental Profile’ and ‘Related Infrastructures and ICT’. Although the framework is designed for the evaluation of the city as a whole, it can be also customized per sector, such as municipal buildings, providing more focused information.

This web-tool was developed, incorporating the customized Municipal Building Level SCEAF. The tool includes the questionnaire (as input field) and the automatic calculation of the individual indicators and of the final score. More specifically, the OPTIMUS SCEAF Tool consists of three main pages:

  • In the first page (Home), a short description of the SCEAF and the developed tool purposes is provided, as well as the ability of creating an account for a municipality or signing in, if an account is already available.
  • The second page (SCEAF) includes the SCEAF questionnaire, where the user can import data of municipal buildings for a given year to evaluate them.
  • Finally, in the third page (Submissions), the user can see the results of the assessment calculated according to the SCEAF methodology, both for each individual building and for the total of the municipal buildings, as well. Moreover, a comparison between the results of different years is provided, giving this way the user the ability to observe the progress (ex-ante & ex-post evaluation) and investigate whether the environmental and energy saving targets set have been achieved.   

The e-SCEAF Tool can handle as input the multidisciplinary indicators of different types (numerical & linguistic) and implements successfully the three phases of the Herrera and Martínez aggregation process for dealing with heterogeneous contexts (unification, aggregation, transformation into 2-tuple). e-SCEAF Tool is developed using various open source tools and it contains a set of dynamic web pages, forms, visualization mechanisms and a MySQL database. Web pages are built using PHP language and are equipped with JavaScript in order to provide responsive context.

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